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Starts Wednesday June 26 


Are you tired of waking up in regret after another night of binge drinking?


Your body might be screaming NO, but the same patterns persist.

The temptation of that relaxing glass of wine or G&T turns into way too many, leaving you feeling trapped in a cycle of guilt and exhaustion. 


You find yourself reaching for carbs the next day to soak up the alcohol, only to be met with the dreaded booze blues and hormonal havoc.

But fear not! As a Women's Health and Wellbeing Coach and Nutritionist, I'm here to guide you to break free from this vicious cycle. Together, we'll delve into the underlying patterns that drive your behaviour.


Let's explore how the mind works and then the impact that might be happening on the nervous system, detoxification processes, blood sugar and hormones.


This summer, dare to take a different approach?

Whether you want a RESET or a COMPLETE BOOZE FREE LIFE. 

Join me for a transformative 21-Day Beat the Booze Group Challenge.

What You Will Get:

3 x 1-hour Group Calls: We will uncover what is going on for you. We'll look at patterns of behaviour, thought patterns, and emotions.

Daily Video. To keep you motivated.

Coaching Around Mindset Shifts and Changes: Become more mindful about habits, behaviours, and drivers.

Understanding the Body: Learn about blood sugar, hormones, metabolism, and brain changes.

Transformation: Vision for your future self, including behaviour change, nutrition tips, and recipes if needed.

Say goodbye to the cycle of regret and hello to a life of clarity, balance, and wellbeing. Are you ready to reclaim control and discover a place of harmony within yourself? Enroll now and embark on a journey to lasting change!

Course Details:

3 x 90 min group zoom calls

Every Wednesday at 7.30 PM 26 June till 17 July 


What's Included: Group Calls, Daily Videos, Group Chat & an Education.













Heather, Devon

Becs is a knowledgeable & caring professional who is able to dig through all the layers to really help change behaviour and attitude towards food, health & the self. 

Highly recommend the course. 

Gabi, Oxford 

I'm so grateful to have found Becs. With a kind, gentle approach, Becs has helped me reduce my anxiety and stress levels, get better sleep, have better energy and lose weight. Not only through dietary advice but also looking at my relationship with food and myself. I highly recommend her approach. 

Tanya, Oxford

Since we started working with each-other, I have lost a stone in weight and 5 inches of my waist. You have supported me to go into surgery better, both physically and emotionally by just knowing I was stronger, and in such a gentle and effective way. I'm so very thankful. 

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