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A Mind Less Full, A Body More at Ease
FREE 2 Part Webinar Series; Monday 13 May & Monday 20 May 

Together, we will explore the influence our minds have on various aspects of our well-being, including stress, anxiety, weight, hormones, and overall health.

I will guide you towards accessing the deeper space within yourself, to see where we can calm the mind/body system.

"The systems in the brain and body that handle emotions are closely linked with the hormonal system, the nervous system, and especially the immune system." Gabor Mate

It is impossible to access the present moment from our grasping mind when we are identified with the thoughts, beliefs, ideas and feelings we have.


In this 2 part webinar series we will:

  • Tap into the deeper space within ourselves.

  • Explore the various ways the mind grasps onto thoughts and contributes to suffering.

  • Delve deeply into the inter-connectedness of the mind and body as a unified system.

  • Nurture ourselves through proper nutrition, self-care practices, and accessing our well-being.

  • Start to gently explore the feelings & sensations in the body to see that is energy moving through. 

"People believe that we have a mind and we have a body, and that they are two distinct things. And we all know that there's a relationship and people talk about mind, body connection. I'm not talking about connection. I'm talking about mind-body unity."  Dr Ellen Langer, Professor Psychology Harvard

2 Part Webinar Series

A Mind Less Full, A Body More at Ease

Monday 13 May & Monday 20 May 


Yellow Flower


Heather, Devon

Becs is a knowledgeable & caring professional who is able to dig through all the layers to really help change behaviour and attitude towards food, health & the self. 

Highly recommend the course. 

Gabi, Oxford 

I'm so grateful to have found Becs. With a kind, gentle approach, Becs has helped me reduce my anxiety and stress levels, get better sleep, have better energy and lose weight. Not only through dietary advice but also looking at my relationship with food and myself. I highly recommend her approach. 

Tanya, Oxford

Since we started working with each-other, I have lost a stone in weight and 5 inches of my waist. You have supported me to go into surgery better, both physically and emotionally by just knowing I was stronger, and in such a gentle and effective way. I'm so very thankful. 

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