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A 4 week course, Finding peace with anxiety & Stress.

A powerful approach to finding peace with anxiety.


Combining nutritional guidance with transformational coaching. 

Some questions for you. Have you ever...

Don't worry we have been there too.

Many of us have looked for techniques to help have a stress free experience of life. There is a far simpler approach that doesn't involve endless tasks like gratitude journals, affirmations and meditations to cope with daily life. 

What if searching for things outside of ourselves keeps us innocently  trapped? impacting on our mental health and wellbeing. 

There is hope!


We will bring you to the present moment to uncover limiting beliefs about where our experience is coming from. Our approach will guide you to more inner freedom without effort, willpower and grit.


We will help you to relearn to trust your body's wisdom and debunk many of the nutrition myths, giving you a simple healthy food plan that promotes health. 

"I immediately started to feel so much better. I was listened to and given such kind, powerful, wise words that reduced my anxiety and stress levels significantly and I can finally sleep properly".


Lilla, Oxford. 

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