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are you ready to step into your True Self with less stress and anxIEty?

Helping You Have more Personal 

 freedom in Body, mind & spirit.

Less Stress.More FREEDOM



I'm Becs an Integrative Health Coach, combining powerful coaching with nutritious diet changes. 
  You will be supported by me every step of the way so the changes you make stick. We will uncover old limiting patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck & you will be able to move on from these. 
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Balancing Hormones

Hormones can affect how we feel and play a big part in our moods, weight and stress levels.

A personalised eating and lifestyle plan will help you stabilise hormone balance and feel good.

Losing Weight

Through motivational coaching and an eating plan based on nutritional science, I can help you lose those stubborn pounds to regain your body confidence.  I will employ bespoke eating plans and look at removing emotional blocks.


Do you experience annoying digestive issues? Pain, bloating, IBS symptoms, reflux or gas are all indicators that your digestion is out of balance. There is a lot that Nutritional Therapy can do to improve digestion and get it working optimally.


Do you find you are living in a constant state anxiety or stress? Anxiety can be there in the background or really loud. But there with diet changes and bringing us back to the now we can start to have more freedom around this. 

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I am looking forward to working with you to help you feel
more energised, positive and in control of feeling your best.

Devon, TQ9. Online consultations available.

becs@bwellnutrition.co.uk  /  Tel. 07876 687119

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