"I hear you"
                         As a busy Mum I understand the challenges you face with juggling work, childcare, feeding your family and trying to keep yourself healthy. 
Is your energy so low it is hard to get through the day? 
Do you reach for sugar or caffeine to give yourself a mid afternoon boost?
Do you feel bloated or sluggish?  
Is your weight hard to control? 
Do you have a short fuse & rack yourself with guilt if you have snapped? 
Having battled with sugar carvings, weight fluctuations, food intolerance and feeling low, I know how hard this roller coaster can be!
This does not have to be you (phew).....................with my help you can have more stable energy, moods & transform your health.

By looking at you health history I can motivate & inspire you to took take control of your diet and lifestyle. You will receive a health optimistaion plan tailored to you and you will receive practical, realistic recipes & meal plans that you can incorporate with all of the family.