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10 Day Reset Challenge

A 10 day reset challenge to bring you back to baseline. As the seasons shift this is a great time to re-evaluate your diet. 

This healthy eating overhaul will help you look after yourself over the winter months.  The programme combines a scientifically proven eating plan with daily accountability from me, a registered Nutritional Therapist. With my help you will stick to the plan. 

Some questions for you
Do you want to.....

- Support your immune system through the winter months? 

- Increase your energy levels?

- Find out what nutrients your body needs? 

Help is at hand, this nutritious eating plan will help you reset, detox and re-balance your body. We will explore eliminating trigger foods as well as caffeine, alcohol, sugar (don't worry just for the 10 days).  We will explore the best protein to maintain muscle mass, the right carbs for energy and vegetables for nutrition.  

What is included in the programme? 

- 1 hr kick-start live webinar (zoom). I will explain the eating plan and the science behind it. 

- Daily coaching support from me in a private Facebook group (accountability coaching).

- Tips on learning to recognise limiting beliefs, unhelpful thought patterns around food & habits. 

- List of foods to eliminate for the 10 days and meal ideas.

- Sharing photos in Facebook group.

- Daily question & answer sessions with myself via Facebook group page. 

-Motivational health tips.



Price £65.00

Starts Monday 4 October



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Suzanna Griffiths

Excellent value for money. Really clear & useful materials & daily motivation. The course helped me focus on changing habits long term & have already seen the results in losing 3.5 pounds & an inch of my waist & 11 pounds since the lockdown challenge. Becs inspired a lovely community with her sound advice & supportive approach. 

Leanne Roberts

"It was really interesting and thoroughly enjoyable learning about how to properly fuel my body with highly nutritious food. Becs really took the time to explain WHY we were eating in this way and how it would benefit us, physically and mentally and by the end of the course I really felt I'd learned a lot. 

The way of eating is really simple and once you've done it for a few days, it just becomes second nature. I saw huge improvements in my energy levels, my skin and the quality of my sleep. It took a while (a little longer than the 4 week course) but I even lost 6 pounds. I was amazed. 

Throughout the 4 weeks Becs was attentive and really showed that she genuinely cared. I would highly recommend Becs and this course if you genuinely want to change your habits for the better, for good. 

Sam Roberts

"This was a life changing 4 weeks. Becs is knowledgeable, encouraging & most importantly realistic! I hardly want to call it a diet because we ate so well & never felt like we were missing out. With the eating plan combined with exercise I lost 10 pounds. It came with the added joy of FEELING healthier, I had more energy, felt my body was working more efficiently & slept soundly."