Penny from Oxford

This is certainly the eating plan for me.  I was told the method and decisions about food would become second nature quite quickly and it’s so true!

It feels a natural way to eat.  I feel so much more alert and alive. I no longer wake up with a headache, and I am buzzing with ideas.  My main reason for doing the diet was for my health but it has been very satisfying to find the pounds coming off, it is doing wonders for my self esteem. I love the new healthy ingredients I am eating : chia seeds, more rye, cacao etc.  It’s been a joy.

It was great having the support of Becs and the group, everyone seemed engaged. I will definitely carry on. Thanks so much. 

Caroline from Oxford

I have spent my adult life battling with food cravings, weight issues and embarking on all manner of diets and regimes in order to try to control these things. I have weighed over 16 stone at one point and have yo-yoed between 9 stone and 14 stone for the past 35 years.  I am confident that I have found the answer now.  In just four weeks of embarking on the healthy food allowed on the Zest for Life programme I have noticed remarkable changes. I haven't experienced any of the terrible cravings and deprivation I usually feel when calorie or point counting nor have I suffered from the downright boredom that ensues when you are only allowed to eat certain food groups.  Instead I have filled my plate with delicious, nutritious things. As my energy levels have been very low for a few years I have been delighted to wake refreshed every day and to feel energised.

Liz from Oxford

I really enjoyed the process of the programme – supportive group classes, books to guide us with recipes and plans and books to track progress, regular weigh ins to track progress, and on line support on facebook with encouragement and suggestions.