Penny from Oxford

Rebecca is an excellent, compassionate and professional Nutritional Therapist.

She has supported me completely through a complex health condition (digestive) that occurred suddenly and led to six months of nausea.

She was always there for me, giving me her knowledge, help, experience and empathy. Rebecca is also in touch with the newest research and able to discuss and explain her ideas very openly, so it very much feels as though you are on the journey together. She encouraged me to seek the doctors help & tests at just the right moment and then supported me through that stage too. Now I am so much better !

Thank you Rebecca for your support, attention, curiosity, knowledge, perceptiveness, kindness and determination.


I have spent my adult life battling with food cravings, weight issues and embarking on all manner of diets and regimes in order to try to control these things. I have weighed over 16 stone at one point and have yo-yoed between 9 stone and 14 stone for the past 35 years.  I am confident that I have found the answer now.  In just four weeks of embarking on the healthy food allowed on the Rebecca's programme I have noticed remarkable changes. I haven't experienced any of the terrible cravings and deprivation I usually feel when calorie or point counting nor have I suffered from the downright boredom that ensues when you are only allowed to eat certain food groups.  Instead I have filled my plate with delicious, nutritious things. As my energy levels have been very low for a few years I have been delighted to wake refreshed every day and to feel energised.

Gabriela, OXFORD


I just finished my 8 week 1:1 programme with Becs & I lost 4kg (8.8 pounds) and 6cm in waist. Weight loss is not the only benefit I have seen.


I am not feeling tired anymore, despite reducing coffee from nearly 6/day to maximum 2/day. I used to have painful cold sores at least twice a month and now I have no cold sores at all! I have more energy and better healthier relationship with food. I learnt how to balance my sugar levels, I have no more cravings for sweet treats. I still had a weekly dessert though (usually home made vegan - low carb cakes which we make every weekend as a lockdown activity) and sometimes a drink or two on weekends, but being mindful of carbohydrate contents.


I took supplements supplements which really helped me boost my immune system, reduce period pain and almost eliminate PMS and ovulation pain. Really useful advice and encouragement which always kept me going. 9 Daily accountability is so important, especially when you need more motivation. Many thanks to Becs who guided me in this journey, this was truly the best investment I made in myself. I really recommend her programme to everyone who like myself, can’t see where they’re going wrong. .



This was a life changing 4 weeks. Becs is so very knowledgeable, encouraging and most importantly realistic!! I hardly want to call it a diet - as we still ate very well and it never felt like a hardship or we were missing out.

We focused on maintaining blood sugar balancing, so became more conscious of the sugars we were consuming. By achieving this and combining it with exercise I lost weight - nearly 10lbs in my case. It came with the added joy of FEELING healthier, I had more energy, felt my body was working more efficiently and slept much more soundly at night.

Bec has been so helpful, kind and knowledgeable. She uses a really cool computer programme for our food diaries and keeps in regular touch to check we are staying focused - but in a non-pushy way. It was great to have some other participants to encourage us along the way.

I would recommend Bec Steele to anyone wanting to change their relationship with food and gain a greater understanding of how their bodies work.

Kate, Oxford

I have just completed Bec’s 4 week top-course on healthy eating. 


I found the group webinars informative and interesting, and I enjoyed discussing the seemingly universal struggle with carbs, booze and monthly PMT. 


Having the food diary on my phone was helpful, especially receiving Bec’s comments & suggestions to keep me on track. 


The beauty of eating nutritional food in a mindful way, means that you rarely feel hungry. This is partly because it forces you to get organised. 


Bec has helped me recalibrate my diet and wellbeing, and I’m very grateful.

Image by Clay Banks