Image by Brooke Cagle



This feel good nutrition programme will help you regain your energy, reset your sleep, restore your healthy weight & improve brain fog. You will be given lots of top tips to support you through your monthly cycle. 

Are your hormones driving you crazy?

Are your moods, sleep and energy becoming more erratic? 

If you want to reset & rebalance your diet and lifestyle then this is the course for you.  

I will be coaching you on a daily basis to get results & to support you on reaching your goals.  

What is included in the programme? 

- A weekly live webinar (zoom). I will explain the new way of eating, dietary changes & cover other topics (stress, blood sugar balance, digestion, healthy aging, exercise & immunity)

- Daily coaching support from me on a group member's online page (accountability coaching).

- Tips on learning to recognise limiting beliefs, unhelpful thought patterns around food & habits. 

- Recipes & meal plans for all the family. 

- A course handbook explaining the principles of the diet. 

- A weekly review of your food & meal photos

- Daily question & answer sessions with myself via group page. 

-Motivational health tips.

£150 (early bIRD £127 before 2o.11.20)
Starts Tuesday November 24 @ 7:30pm