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A weekend of self care and self love

Join our amazing panel of international guest speakers who will guide  you to the love that resides within all of us. We will introduce some supportive self care activities; nutrition guidance, guided meditation, rediscovering creativity & much more.

Friday 11, Saturday 12, Sunday 13 February

4 pm - 10 pm London, UK time (includes a coffee & lunch break)
8 am - 14 pm PST, USA time

Price £220/$295

A few concession places are available, email below. 


Do you ever; 

  • Spend time and energy trapped in limited and 'I'm not good enough' views of yourself?

  • Get stuck in conditioned thinking patterns and rumination?

  • Feel lost, overwhelmed & stressed? 

Somewhere between being a child and an adult we lose sight of our true nature. We are conditioned by our families and society to improve, do better, be more. The message is that we are not good enough. This can result in challenging relationships with our bodies, food, mind & other people; we can lose touch with ourselves, and instead start to live out of fear and mistrust. 

Ultimately, we start to believe that we need to ‘fix’ ourselves in some way, and look to external things to bring us happiness.  


As we approach Valentine’s Day let us help you rediscover the self worth, and self love, that will bring you lasting contentment, true enjoyment, and more fulfilling relationships.

The most important relationship is with ourself, so give back to yourself and join us for this weekend retreat. 

With Love Christel & Becs (Retreat Organisers) x

Meet the team

About the weekend

Each day we will hear from a guest speakers on the topics of self love, essential selfishness & relationships. Workshops will include; guided meditation, rediscovering creativity, sound healing, talks on nutrition, self care & finding our true passions. 

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Contact becs@bwellnutrition.co.uk for enquiries